How I connected with Jadene:

I've followed Jade on Insta for a couple years now and have been obsessed with her work ever since! J's an uber talented makeup artist based in LA and the epitome of a #girlboss! I recently saw her on my feed and thought- what if I reach out to her and share her story?! About 5 seconds later, I emailed her and well, here we are- lol!

Fun Facts:

J's the global brand ambassador for Ardell beauty.

She's glammed up celebrities like Ashley Tisdale (one of my High School Musical favs- yes, I was obsessed with that movie back in the day, don't judge me- lol), Monica Rose and Jessica Lowndes, just to name a few.

Jadene in our 'SELF-MADE MILLENNIAL' Tee

Jadene in our 'SELF-MADE MILLENNIAL' Tee

Q&A with Girl Boss, Jadene:

1. What advice do you have for a babe who wants to venture out and become a full-time makeup artist/start her own biz? 

If there's one piece of advice I can offer to women starting out in the field it would be to explore multiple arenas of the industry, to gain exposure and experience, and then focus on the area they love the most.

2. What’s your best advice on growing an organic and highly engaged following on Insta? 

Be true to yourself when you're posting- being original and creative is supper important too.

3. I’ve followed you for a few years now and have seen you grow as a makeup artist. Over the years, you’ve worked with celebs and have worked/work side by side with Ardell Beauty- hands down the best lashes on the market. Have you ever thought about possibly coming out with your own makeup line or starting a YouTube channel? 

Yes yes yes!! A makeup line is in the works! 

4. What has been the most rewarding part about being a global makeup artist and doing what you love on a daily? 

Getting to travel the world- I love traveling! Also, meeting my followers and fans around the world, seeing makeup trends in other places- that's where I often look to for inspiration.

I love the fact that I get to empower women to look and feel their best wherever they may be. Whether they're walking the red carpet, on a photo shoot or attending VIP events; I love the fact that I am able to help them reach their true/full beauty potential.

5. How do you stay inspired?

I always find inspiration when I'm traveling- I discover something new about my desires, my wants, my dislikes, my sexiness, and of course my love for MAKEUP every time I visit a new place!!

I love that I can do anything, go anywhere, and achieve anything I set my mind to.

6. Do you have any collabs or exciting projects in the works you can share with our babes? 

I'm super excited to announce that I am currently developing a brand new makeup line. I can't say much since it hasn't launched yet, but believe me it's going to be amazing! I've put countless hours and hard work into it.

I'm so excited for the launch!

Stay tuned to my Instagram (@jademunster) for more details! 

P.S. I've rounded up a few inspo pix of J's different makeup looks that I LURVEEE- I'm a suka for an all natch makeup look and if you are too then start pinning these to your Pinterest board like now!

You can find Jadene on IG @jademunster

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