Photography by  Lovely Bee Photography

Photography by Lovely Bee Photography

How I connected with Hel & Mel: 

About 2 months back, I was putting together a vision board for our upcoming #girlboss event, when all of a sudden I stumbled upon Hel's Insta. I probably spent a good 10 minutes stalking her account and later realized she had her own floral and event design company! I remember thinking to myself- OMG, I hope they're based out of Miami because I NEED her and her team to be a part of our #girlboss event- no ifs, ands, or buts- lol!

I read a little bit about Hel & Mel over on their site and fell in love with their vibe! They're total #girlbosses so when I saw what they were all about, I knew I needed to share their story with you!

Pictured: Helen | Photography by  Lovely Bee Photography

Pictured: Helen | Photography by Lovely Bee Photography

Fun Facts:

Hel & Mel's work has been featured on The Knot, Style Me Pretty and InStyle- just to name a few.

These babes have flawlessly completed over 500 events to date!

Photography by  Lovely Bee Photography

Photography by Lovely Bee Photography

Q&A with Girl Bosses, Helen & Melissa:

1. When did the idea of Ever After come to life? Was a floral shop and event design biz something you always knew you wanted to pursue?

Hel: Ever After has pretty humble beginnings. When my dancing career was halted by a heart condition my father quickly shifted my focus onto my young passion for flowers.

2. What’s the most rewarding part of working one-on-one with your clients?

Mel: Hmm, that's a tough one.  I can confidently say the best part of working with our clients is the excitement and joy they're feeling at our fist consultation and then the highly emotional and exhilarating moment when we deliver their bouquet on the day of their wedding. I still get teary-eyed when I see their reaction to their wedding flowers, it makes all the hard work we put into our craft worth-while.  

3. What advice would you give a babe whose goal is to open a local flower shop?

Hel: Do your homework. It seems to be trendy to start a business nowadays. Which is great for breaking down mass production industry and the so called "florists" like 1800flour and Teleflour. However, running a business is not only challenging, it's an expensive endeavor and a highly emotional roller coaster. Take time to speak with flower shop owners, intern or get a job at a local shop before you take the plunge. Once you're ready, work hard and stay humble! 

4. What are some things you struggle with as a girl boss and how do you cope with them?

Mel: I would honestly say it has to be finding a balance between work life and family time. We love what we do and consistently pour our hearts and time into making our client's big day as memorable and special as possible. To run a successful business, hard work and dedication are essential but also keeping in mind our motivation and driving force is the love and support from our families. Devoting days off to not only resting but surrounding ourselves with our loved ones and making sure we dedicate all the time they deserve, is a must. Setting timelines, realistic expectations and tons of coffee helps us cope too! (lol).

5. Take me back to that moment when you were told you were going to be featured on a publication for the first time. How did it feel to see your work published?

Hel: There isn't anything quite like seeing your work in print. The first time I was featured I remember making the dash to Barnes and Noble to pick up as many issues as they had!

6. What’s the best part about working side by side with your bestie?

Hel: Honestly, when I began this journey I never thought I would find such a great match to my serious micro managing ways. Luckily, for us it doesn't feel like "work".

Mel: I would have to second that! We have even found ourselves dancing around at the studio in moments of drowsiness!

7. What advice would you give a soon to be Mrs. who’s looking for wedding inspo? What magazine publications should she get her hands on stat?

Mel: This is something I actually experienced as I planned my own wedding last year. The best advice I can pass along is: look for inspiration in the things you love (I know that sounds a bit cheesy, but it's the truth- lol). For my husband and I, choosing a color scheme was a bit difficult especially being in the industry- I am constantly surrounded by awesome ideas. One day it just came to us (with a little help from Helen) we used our venues (Key West, FL) picturesque sunsets as our color inspiration and everything else just seemed to fall into place after that.   

The Knot and Brides magazine are must haves.

8. Do you guys have any exciting collabs or projects in the works? Maybe some new products that will be added to your shop? Local workshops?

Hel: We are working on the details for a special Destination Workshop!

Yes! We just launched our Flower Share Program- a service that allows you to receive fresh flowers at home or in the office all the time!

Yup! We are joining forces with West Elm Dadeland for a centerpiece composition class for this season's Holiday celebrations.

P.S. I don't know about you, but I could look at wedding inspo for hours on end! I've probably spent a good 8 hours on Pinterest pinning wedding inspo to my "Mr. & Mrs." board- scouts honor. It's safe to say, I've been planning my wedding since I was 7 years old- lol.

I've rounded up some inspo images down below from different weddings Helen and Melissa have worked on (all via Helen's gorg site)! You're welcome! 

Photography by  Katie Lopez

Photography by Katie Lopez

Photography by  Kristy & Vic

Photography by Kristy & Vic

You can find Helen & Melissa on IG @everafterflorist and @everaftermelissa



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