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Our Story

“A Tribe of Business Babes Who Just Get It”

PROJECT NM was founded in 2015 to bring together a tribe of creative entrepreneurs who believe in financial freedom, reaching their goals, and creating a life less ordinary.

My name's Nicole Marie (NM) Gonzalez and I'm the founder and CEO of PROJECT NM.

Growing up, I always envisioned what my life would be like and who I was going to become. You know the typical -- "by 22 I'll graduate college, get a job, be engaged by 23, be a mommy by 26 and live happily ever after" haha if only my 16 year old self would see me now. Fast forward to 2014 -- I'm working paycheck to paycheck trying to build a side hustle and doing fashion and lifestyle photography, I'm feeling super lost, frustrated, feeling like I have no friends to really relate to, struggling to keep myself motivated and in good spirits, the works.

I felt deep down there had to have been other women out there like myself with huge goals who wished they had a tribe of genuine supportive women to surround themselves with and who actually understood them. One morning it all clicked and PROJECT NM came to life right at my kitchen table. I remember having coffee with my mom and saying -- "OMG, I have a brilliant beyond brilliant idea" and that's when I decided it was time to create a space I could connect with like-minded creatives and business babes who understood me 110%.

Shortly after I opened the PROJECT NM Instagram account, I decided to design a few tees for my new besties over @shop_projectnm. The first tee represented everything I aspired to be -- an "En-tre-pre-neur". And well, here we are now -- one hella passionate entrepreneur whose mission is to inspire and connect like-minded creatives one #bizbabe meetup at a time!

“I want every babe who wears my tees to feel unstoppable. To feel a sense of security like she's exactly where she's supposed to be. To be reassured she is becoming who she is meant to be; to feel motivated, to keep pushing against all odds, because even after everything - and despite the occasional "fear" - she knows she's going to make it!” – Nicole Gonzalez, Founder and CEO; PROJECT NM


"Love this!!! Your daily encouragement is so inspiring!"-@batelballentine
"@SHOP_PROJECTNM you guys are AMAZING! #mydailyinspiration." -@thecreativesloft
"This is so much more than a shirt. This is a movement. A lifestyle. A community. I am a woman and I am an entrepreneur. And you know what? I'm not afraid to say..that's pretty bad ass. Let's come together and make something beautiful. Hell, let's change the world. #projectnm"-@tastefultatters