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Nicole Gonzalez

How I connected with Celine:

A few months back, I stumbled upon Celine's Instagram account and literally said- "where has this super fab and inspiring soul been my whole life?!" LOL C's hands-down the epitome of a hard-working, ambitious, and determined #bizbabe, so it was clear to me after about 3 point 5 seconds of stalking her IG, I needed to share her story with you!

Fun Facts:

Celine is the Co-Founder & Editor-in-Chief of THE STAYCATIONERS for Taste the Style- a NYC-based travel series featuring the city's hottest boutique hotels and highlighting F&B properties in an editorial format.

 Shot by: Vanessa Granda

Shot by: Vanessa Granda

Q&A with Biz Babe, Celine:

1. I’m totally obsessed with the concept of #THESTAYCATIONERS! What inspired you to create #THESTAYCATIONERS?

I've always thought that something was missing in the hotel space from a content perspective. So in late 2014 after I started writing for Taste the Style, I mentioned the idea to the founder, Cyndi Ramirez, and we hit the ground running. THE STAYCATIONERS is a very curated, stylized hotel review series that's run by a crew of tastemakers for an audience of tastemakers, and the growth and support we've seen in the past year and a half from our readers, guest staycationers, and brand partners has been unreal. I'm really proud of what we've created and the opportunities it's afforded us in the process. 

2. What advice do you have for a babe who wants to start a creative project, blog, and/or brand?

Do something in such a way that's not already being done. If you want to break into the food space, do something more than just posting pictures of everything you eat. Be discerning and creatively so. Build a platform that serves an actual purpose to the audience you want to capture and give yourself a differential advantage, you also have to always be conscious of the bottom lines, which are up to you to outline for yourself and are best when laid out from the very beginning- you have to determine what's most important to you and figure out how to meet those expectations.

3. @celineb0ss screams aesthetic #goals- What’s your best advice on creating an aesthetically appealing IG feed? Do you have any go-to editing apps?

Thank you! I love VSCO- I usually flip-flop between J2, HB2, 04, and A6. I've literally purchased every single filter they've ever made.

4. Building a brand and being a #bizbabe isn’t an easy task. How do you stay motivated and goal focused when everything seems like it couldn’t get any worse?

It's really hard, because I work full-time in addition to running THE STAYCATIONERS and contributing to a ton of other outlets (I'm a travel and liquor writer by trade). So I've just accepted that I'm working 24/7 and that one day that will get me to a point where I don't have to work as much anymore and I can reap the benefits of full-time hustle.

5. Congrats to you and your team over on @tastethestyle on your bloglovin’ award- huge #girlboss moment! How did it feel to get recognized for your hard work?

Thank you so much! That's all Cyndi and the rest of the team really- Taste the Style has a ton of other great content, but I do like to think that THE STAYCATIONERS contributes to the success of the site too. It makes you feel very validated when your work is recognized, even indirectly.

6.  Do you have any collabs or exciting projects in the works you guys can share with our babes?

THE STAYCATIONERS will soon have its own site, so stay tuned for that! We'll also be popping up in a ton of different cities over the next year and beyond. Anyone interested in becoming a part of our series (either on a contributor or brand partnership level) from across the country can feel free to contact me via Instagram. 

P.S. I've rounded up a few pics from one of Celine's #THESTAYCATIONERS series down below! Tell me these pics don't give you major Sex and the City vibes?!

 Shot by: Daniela Spector

Shot by: Daniela Spector

 Shot by: Daniela Spector

Shot by: Daniela Spector

 Shot by: Daniela Spector

Shot by: Daniela Spector

 Shot by: Daniela Spector

Shot by: Daniela Spector

You can find C on IG @celineb0ss